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COVID-19 – Veille juridique 13 mai 2020

Vous avez besoin de clés pour comprendre cette période compliquée et agir efficacement. Red-on-line est là pour vous aider : nous vous offrons en temps réél, partout dans le monde, les nouveautés réglementaires liées au Covid-19.  
  • COVID-19 : Nouveauté relative à l’évaluation de la conformité des masques réquisitionnés ou importés
  • COVID-19 : Novelty in the conformity assessment of requisitioned or imported masks
In a ministerial instruction dated 23 April 2020, the Ministry of Labour sets out the European Commission’s recommendations aimed at adapting the conditions for placing on the market personal protective equipment such as FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 masks, protective eyewear and visors and medical devices such as surgical masks. These recommendations aim to guarantee their availability by ensuring that the medical equipment and devices thus placed on the market continue to provide an adequate level of protection of the health and safety of users. This new instruction repeals and replaces two former ministerial instructions (n°2020/55 and n°2020/57) which concerned the implementation of the European Commission’s recommendation on conformity assessment and market surveillance procedures in the context of the threat posed by COVID-19. This new ministerial instruction came into force on 30 April 2020.
Instruction interministérielle n° DGT/DGS/DGCCRF/DGDDI/2020/63 du 23 avril 2020 relative à la mise en œuvre de la recommandation (UE) 2020/403 de la Commission européenne du 13 mars 2020 relative aux procédures d’évaluation de la conformité et de surveillance du marché dans le contextede la menace que représentele COVID-19, BO du ministère du Travail n° 2020/4 bis du 30 avril 2020
  • COVID-19 : Actualisation des fiches pratiques par secteur d’activité pour assurer la sécurité et la santé des travailleurs
  • COVID-19: Updating of practical sheets by sector of activity to ensure the safety and health of workers
In a press release dated April 29, 2020, the Ministry of Labour announced the updating of the practical information sheets by sector of activity, published for the first time in March, which should enable the concrete implementation of measures to ensure the health and safety of workers faced with the risks of Covid-19 contagion. These advice sheets containing practical recommendations were formulated by a team of experts and have been updated to provide the best possible support to employers and employees during this unprecedented period. These sheets thus detail, by profession or sector of activity, the way in which the barrier gestures and the rules of social distancing should be applied. Sources:
  • COVID-19 : Projet de loi prorogeant l’état d’urgence sanitaire et complétant ses dispositions
  • COVID-19: Bill to Extend the State of Health Emergency and to Complement its Provisions
A bill extending the state of health emergency until 23 July 2020 was tabled in the Senate on 2 May 2020. This bill completed certain provisions relating to the state of health emergency regime and in particular those relating to the measures that may be taken by the Prime Minister with a view to deconfinement. Thus, the Prime Minister could, by decree, regulate the movement of and access to means of transport, regulate the opening or closing of places grouping people together, order the requisition of any person and any goods and services needed to combat the coronavirus, or take measures relating to quarantine and placement in isolation. The bill detailed the conditions under which such quarantine and placement in isolation measures could be authorized. Finally, it provided for the implementation of information systems necessary to identify the chains of transmission of the virus in order to prevent the spread of the disease during deconfinement. The french Public Health Code would be amended accordingly. Sources:
  • COVID-19 : Raccourcissement de délais relatifs à l’information et à la consultation des CSE
  • COVID-19: Shortening of deadlines relating to information and consultation of CSEs
By ordinance No 2020-507 and decree No 2020-508 of May 2, 2020, the french Government set the deadlines applicable to the information of experts and the consultation of the social and economic committee (CSE) in the context employer decisions to address the economic, financial and social consequences of the spread of the current covid-19 epidemic. The provisions of these texts have been in force since May 2, 2020. Sources:

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